Going with Kids

Many people take children with them for Hajj or Umrah. Whilst it’s highly recommended not to, some have no choice, or choose to take children. Alhamdulillah both are valid choices, however we should bare a few advices in mind before we take them:

1. Let them Enjoy!

  • Let them enjoy it, be extra nice, you want to associate great memories for them of the sacred place

2. Safety

  • Get children name tags with phone numbers, hotel name and nationality
  • Keep your kids near you at all times. When it’s busy, it can be hectic with kids. Teach them to carry their own shoe bags.
  • Avoid the crowd around Tawaf as it gets hot
  • Avoid crowded areas including shops (some restaurants get really busy for example)
  • Keep your children within your sight at all times. Whether in the Masjid, whilst shopping or even in the hotel.

3. Sunglasses, hats, clothes etc

  • Sunglasses are very important
  • Hats to protect them from the heat
  • Sun lotion
  • Wear comfortable material clothing
  • Take some warm clothing too, as too much of the AC can make them ill.

4. Hotels

Important to have location near, don’t scrimp as kids like nice hotels and you want them to go back. Try to get breakfast included minimum, half board would be better. Nothing more annoying than hungry kids and long queues!

5. Baby carrier, harnesses etc

  • For small children, take a baby carrier as pushchairs are not allowed in the Haram.
  • Also get those wrist links or harnesses (leash) which attach to their wrists or backs to stop them from running away.
  • Get a wheelchair and tied baby feeding chair to it so it can be used as a ‘pram’

6.  Hydrated

  • Ensure they are kept well hydrated
  • Provide plenty of fluids
  • Keep them out of the heat especially Dhur time

7. Use the toilet

  • Get them to use the toilet in the hotel before going inside Haram

8. Food and Drink

  • Eat light/small portions
  • Eat what they like
  • Remember to pack snacks
  • Make sandwiches and snacks with things your children like as you might not have enough time to go shops

9. Keep them entertained

  • Take some toys for them to play with
  • Pack colours/book in your bag!
  • Take some play dough

10. Worship together

  • Read Quran with them/tell them stories of Makkah/Madina
  • Tell them the history of Umrah/Hajj and the surroundings of the Haramain
  • Don’t forget to read about Islamic history so you can share stories with them ie.During Tawaf: What the black stone is and how the kabah used to be full of idols, the persecution the Prophet and muslims faced then fatah makkah,During Sa’ee: story of Hajar and Ismail AS and Zamzam etc.
  • Take them closely to the Ka’bah and let’s them feel (if it’s safe to do)
  • Keep a diary and encourage them to write about their umra experience and trip even if it seems something trivial to you – it will be nice memories to read back as they grow up.

11. Getting tired

  • Don’t over burden in Tawaf especially with kids, it can get really crowded/congested
  • Children don’t need to carry out rituals of Umrah and Hajj, so be flexible
  • Let them nap in the Masjid, no one would mind

12. Share responsibilities

  • Take turns to take the children to the Masjid, even if it isn’t during Salah time
  • Take turns to look after the children during Salah time
  • Take turns to prepare food and snacks, packing etc so not to burden just one person

The above tips and advice were kindly shared by many brothers and sisters. Please keep them in your duas.

If you have more tips in regards to taking children for Umrah, please email us on hajjnaseeha16@gmail.com


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