Makkah Jumuah

Praying Jumuah in Masjid Al-Haram is a dream of millions of Muslims around the world.  Here are some things to keep in mind when going to the Ka’bah to pray Jumuah which are applicable for both brothers and sisters:

Jumuah Advice at Masjid Al-Haram

1. Go 2-3 hours before Jumuah time to find a decent place to sit (the new King Abdullah extension has plenty of space inshaAllah if you cannot get to the main part of the Masjid). It’s the busiest day of the week so expect a larger number of crowd.

2. Avoid praying in the mataf area (the marbled area near the Ka’bah) due to the Sun and heat. (Take an umbrella, sunglasses and plenty of water if you do). DO NOT take children with you to the mataf for Jumuah

3. Keep some water with you or sit close to a Zam Zam Water barrel to have easy access

4. Expect delays when coming out from the Masjid due to the large number of crowd and security cordoned areas

5. Avoid sitting in direct sunlight even on the upper floors and outside the Masjid

6. Take sunglasses and a drawstring bag to keep your footwear (shoes and sandals) with you

7. Maintain Wudu as you might be in the Masjid for a while (Those finding it difficult due to health reasons might want to pray outside the Masjid)

8. Try to sit on a carpeted area for comfort or keep a spare prayer mat with you

9. Keep any required medication on you as you might be delayed when coming out

10. Don’t go sightseeing as you’ll end up losing your space!

11. Engage yourself in worship, read Surah Kahf as it has great virtues, send Salawat upon Rasulullah Sallallau Alyiwasallam and plenty more to do!

12. Please take note that the first Azaan for Jumua is given before Zawaal. Therefore Sunnah Salaah read after the Azaan will not be counted as the 4 sunnah of Jumua. You need to work out the time of Zawaal. Immediately after Zawaal try to perform 4 Rakaats or 2 rakaats (Maulana Arshad Fakir Chopdat, South Africa).

13. Expect the guards to check your bag, be polite and let them do their job

14. Avoid taking food inside, most likely the guards won’t let you in with food

Some of the above points were shared by friends, so please make Dua for them

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