It is important to be under the guidance of  ‘Ulama to ensure our work is going according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. Here is a list of some of our teachers and advisors, may Allah reward them and preserve them and their families, aameen.

Shaykh Nagib Khan (Bristol)

Shaykh Nagib started his islamic education at a young age by firstly memorising the quran at the age of 16years old at Darul Uloom Leicester , institution of higher islamic education. He then enrolled onto the 6 year intensive alimiyyah program studying arabic, fiqh, hadeeth, tafseer, islamic history. Shaykh Nagib graduated in 2003 and has been involved in education and Dawah since then.

Shaykh Nagib was in the role of development officer for ethnic minorities with the largest supplementary school in the southwest of England. Shaykh Nagib is the founder and head of Quran Academy . www.quranacademy.org.uk

Shaykh advices Hajj Naseeha and done videos during Hajj and Umrah 2016 for Hajj Naseeha.

Imam Abdurrahman Anwar (London)

A Manager at humanitarian organisation, Ummah Welfare Trust and teacher at Ebrahim College. Imam Anwar was based in California, USA until 2011 whereby he moved to London. Imam Anwar taught our ‘Fiqh of Umrah’ class.

Imam Abdurrahman attended seminary in India, he studied the advanced sciences of Islam under the tutelage of world renowned Islamic scholars, After having memorized the Holy Qur’an by heart and receiving Ijazah in Quranic recitation, his studies then continued to a comprehensive 5-year study of the Arabic language, followed by the study of Hadith (Prophetic Traditions), the study of the translation, exegesis and elucidation of the Holy Qur’an, and the study of Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence). He also studied the ‘ashara qira aat.

Shaykh taught our Fiqh of Umrah class.

Maulana Qamruz Zaman (London)

Maulana Qamruz Zaman resides in London. He enrolled at Darul Uloom London in November 1998 where he studied Islamic theology in a traditional method for seven years under the supervision of learned scholars. He graduated on 3rd October 2004 with a scholarship in Islamic theology or also known as an ‘Aalim qualification.

Maulana Qamruz is an advisor to Hajj Naseeha and supervised our recent works ie. Women’s Hajj Companion and 40 Hadith on Hajj & Umrah. He is the founder of Duha, an organisation to raise awareness and support on Mental Health in the Muslim community.

Ustadh Abdul Mukith (London)

Ustadh graduated from Jamia Sirajul Uloom, London and is currently a Manager at humanitarian organisation, Human Aid. He is a teacher on our male Hajj Telegram group. He is passionate about Hajj and Umrah and a founding member of Hajj Naseeha.

Shaykh Muhammad Taaha (London)

Currently a teacher at Madrasah Azhar. Shaykh Taaha studied in Bury, Blackburn and London. Shaykh taught at our ‘Hajj Seminar’ and is the main teacher on our male Hajj Telegram group, as well as an advisor to Hajj Naseeha.

Br Irfan Ali (Scotland)

Brother Irfan is very well known for his Hajj and Umrah vlogs which are available on YouTube. Many people have benefitted from his advices, tips and emotional reminders. Br Irfan shared advice and tips on our Hajj Telegram group and recently joined the team Alhamdulillah.

Shaykha Ridhwaana Bint Nasir (London)

Shaykha taught at our ‘Hajj Seminar’ and the main teacher on our female Hajj Telegram group. She has studied in Jamea Al-Kauthar, Lancaster and India.

Shaykha Bint Siddiq (London)

Ustadha Bint Siddiq studied her Aalimiyya (Islamic sciences) at Madrasah Al Zahra (UK). She studied her final year at Madrasah Quwwat-ul-islam and graduated in 2015.

After graduating she then went into the field of Quran. She is currently studying and pursuing to study alongside teaching Aalimiyya to Adults and teenagers at Quwwat-ul-Islam Girls School and also a teacher at a Weekend Supplementary School.

Ustadha is part of our Telegram group for sisters.